Saturday, September 23, 2023
News Fisker Introduces Limited Production Ronin Super GT Convertible

Fisker Introduces Limited Production Ronin Super GT Convertible

Fisker’s latest unveiling, the Ronin Super GT convertible, promises an out-of-the-ordinary driving experience with impressive specs.


  • Fisker introduces the Ronin Super GT convertible, featuring an integrated battery pack and a projected 960-kilometer range.

  • The Ronin promises to seamlessly transform from a sports sedan to an open-air convertible.

  • Limited to 999 units, the Ronin boasts a price of $385,000 USD.


Fisker, recognized for its pioneering electric vehicles like the Ocean SUV, and made infamous for its decade-old Karma, has introduced a new flagship model, the Ronin Super GT convertible. Revealed during the recent Product Vision Day 2023 event, the Ronin boasts a battery pack designed to provide an estimated 960-kilometer range while comfortably accommodating up to five passengers.

Fisker Ronin | Photo : Fisker

What would set the Ronin apart is its versatile nature. With a folding hardtop, it seamlessly transforms from a sleek sports sedan to an open-air convertible. This innovative design feature is activated by a simple smartphone command, allowing the roof to retract neatly into the trunk space. This duality concept echoes the spirit of adaptability seen in the car’s two extra doors and bears similarities to the folding mechanism found in previous models like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class convertible.

Fisker Ronin | Photo : Fisker

The Ronin’s functionality is matched by its aesthetics. Access to the car is facilitated by a single door handle on each side, while the front doors open electronically, and the rear butterfly doors elegantly extend after the initial doors are prompt open.

Fisker Ronin | Photo : Fisker

An exclusive production of just 999 units has been planned, each priced at $385,000. Performance-wise, it’s expected to achieve an impressive 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of approximately 2 seconds, coupled with a top speed of 272 km/h. These numbers can be attributed in part to the powerful “over 1,000 horsepower” drivetrain and the incorporation of lightweight materials such as an aluminum frame and carbon fiber 23-inch wheels.

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Inside the Ronin, the focus is put on sustainable luxury. The cabin will showcase inventive recycled and sustainable materials, setting new standards for eco-conscious design. An expansive 17.1-inch high-resolution screen and instrument cluster will grace the dashboard, with an intriguing addition being a screen integrated into the steering wheel.

Fisker Ronin | Photo : Fisker

Reservations are now open on Fisker’s official website, requiring a $2,000 USD deposit for the primary pre-order and a fully refundable $1,000 USD deposit for the secondary reservation.

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