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NewsFisker Ocean Extreme Electric SUV Surpasses Expectations with Unprecedented 360-Mile Range

Fisker Ocean Extreme Electric SUV Surpasses Expectations with Unprecedented 360-Mile Range

The Fisker Ocean Extreme offers one of the longest ranges among all EVs.

  • This range figure is better than any other SUV under $200,000.

  • Pricing starts at $50,000 for the base model. The Extreme is $69,000.

Fisker has announced that its all-new Fisker Ocean Extreme SUV has achieved an impressive EPA estimated total range of 360 miles (approximately 580km) on 20-inch wheels. This milestone surpasses the company’s previous estimates and sets a new benchmark for electric vehicles in its class.

The Fisker Ocean Can Now be Configured Online

According to the EPA values, the Fisker Ocean Extreme now possesses the longest range of any new electric SUV under $200,000 sold in North America today. This achievement follows the European certification of a WLTP 707 km (440 UK mile) range, making it the electric SUV with the longest range available in Europe as well. What’s more, when fitted with optional 22-inch wheels and tires, the Fisker Ocean Extreme still managed to attain a WLTP 701 km / 436 UK mile range, proving that the vehicle’s range is minimally affected by the use of performance wheels and tires.

“A lot of hard work went into achieving these results, and it feels great to give our customers a better range than we had estimated. Delivering an EPA 360 mile range in the US and WLTP 707 km range in Europe gives our drivers what they want: a fantastic 5-passenger vehicle, and the confidence they’re driving the electric SUV with the longest range available in an affordable new vehicle,” CEO Henrik Fisker said.

Fisker Ocean | Photo: Louis-Philippe Dube

“This is a huge milestone for everyone at Fisker,” he continued. “We are looking forward to getting Oceans to customers in the US, and we plan to send out communications today to our first customers.”

The Fisker Ocean Extreme has received an EPA Certificate of Conformity and a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order, which approves the vehicle for sale and delivery in the US. Moreover, the CARB Executive Order grants the Fisker Ocean Extreme the maximum 4.0 Zero-Emission Vehicle credits per vehicle sold, further highlighting its commitment to sustainability and clean energy.


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