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News Fisker Planning To Unveil $40k Electric Vehicle On March 18th

Fisker Planning To Unveil $40k Electric Vehicle On March 18th

The Fisker name is well known in the car business but not necessarily for the right reasons. This is why this new affordable EV Tweet is being received with lots of skepticism.

Henrik Fisker is one of the better-known modern-day car designers thanks to credits involving the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, a superyacht and a number of cars bearing his name. He’s been an active designer for three decades and in the last two, founded numerous companies.

In 2007, he was hired by Tesla to help design the Model S but the car he’s best known for is the Fisker Karma which launched in 2011. The plug-in hybrid gained loads of traction thanks to celebrity endorsements and huge loan guarantees from the US department of Energy. Issues arose with battery supplier A123 but this was only one of the many bugs that have plagued Fisker so far in the 21st Century.

In the last 11 years or so alone, Henrik Fisker has been involved in various lawsuits, hearings, and other such instances where he was forced to defend himself. Whether or not he deliberately or accidentally “borrowed” designs or technology ideas from others has so far never been proven. The unfortunate side effect of all this is that even though Fisker has generated some interesting cars in his career, his reputation falls short of being “good.”

This is why lots of skepticism surrounds Fisker’s tweet that he will unveil a “close” to $40,000 pure electric vehicle” on March 18th. There are many reasons as to why few believe that there will be such a car. The first is that he officially unveiled its new EMotion all-electric vehicle with a 400-mile range more than 14 months ago. The other is that right around the same time, he claimed a breakthrough in solid-state battery technology which would accept a 500-mile range charge in only 1-minute of charging.

So far, we’ve not seen the EMotion electric vehicle and have only read that the company is producing 20 solid-state battery cells a week. Teasing the launch of a $40k car, and building and selling it, before actually delivering the $100k electric car introduced over a year ago seems unlikely if we’re to compare these plans to Tesla’s actual experience with its product.

The interwebs are also saying that Fisker’s only introducing this car now in order to ride on his old employer’s coattails as they will unveil the Model Y on March 14th

We’ve been fans of Fisker’s completed cars with the possible exceptions of the Fisker Latigo and Tramonto… We’ll be keeping an eye on the man and will report back to you as early as next week.

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