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News Fisker Revealed More Details About the Pear, including a First Glimpse at...

Fisker Revealed More Details About the Pear, including a First Glimpse at the Interior

The Fisker Pear was teased with a new picture showing its interior for the first time.

  • This model will be a smaller and more affordable SUV than the Ocean

  • According to the company, it will have a 310-mile range and a “Houdini trunk”

  • The Pear will be available in a single motor and a dual-motor configuration

As the Ocean approaches production, scheduled for November, Fisker released more detail about its second vehicle, the Pear.

The company had already said this model will be a smaller and more affordable electric SUV than the Ocean, and it reiterated this recently.

According to Fisker, the Pear will start at less than $30,000 in the United States, which will place it under the Ocean in the brand’s lineup, since the larger SUV will start at $37,500.

This is unusual for a brand-new car company, especially one selling electric vehicles since they usually begin by selling expensive vehicles to maximize their profits at the start of production.

The new details provided by the automaker show that the Pear is expected to have a range of 310 miles (498 kilometers) when equipped with the larger of the two battery options.

The Pear will be powered by a choice of two powertrains: a rear-wheel-drive single motor setup, or a dual-motor system providing power to all four wheels.

In order to help with its efficiency, the Fisker Pear will be available with a new type of solar roof that will be see-through from the inside, like a regular panoramic sunroof. The solar panels embedded into the glass will be capable of extending the range on sunny days.

The rendering released by the company shows the first glimpse at this upcoming vehicle’s interior and one of the elements that are most noticeable is the center screen, which will pivot to a vertical or horizontal orientation, just like it does in the Ocean. Another distinctive trait is the curved windshield that is vertical at the bottom and ends up almost horizontal at the top, extending past the steering wheel.

Also inside, the company’s CEO says that the Pear will feature a large number of storage solutions, as well as what the company calls a “Houdini trunk” in place of a traditional rear hatch.

Fisker also announced it has already received over 3,200 orders for the Pear even if it will not be launched before the end of next year, as a 2024 model.

Source: Henrik Fisker (

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