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NewsFisker Says They Have 1,500 Reservations for the PEAR

Fisker Says They Have 1,500 Reservations for the PEAR

Although no one has actually seen the PEAR, Fisker has plenty of reservations from private individuals for their “mobility device”

  • The PEAR was “revealed” less than two weeks ago.

  • Deliveries are only expected to begin in 2024.

Fisker has answered the question: “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” In Fisker’s case, they’ve managed to sell something that does not yet exist. They’re boasting at least 1,500 reservations for the PEAR mobility device even though the vehicle does not yet exist.

Fisker Opens Reservations for the PEAR

Just shy of two weeks ago, Fisker announced the PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution), a digitally-connect shared mobility vehicle that will be priced from $29,900. At the same time, the California-based company opened up reservations for the PEAR.

“We already started taking reservations on that mainly because we have some interest from some large rental car companies,” Fisker told Automotive News Europe in a video chat from London. “I also felt it was important to allow private people to make a reservation because we had a lot of people asking for it.”

Fisker indicates that interest from rental companies was one motivation behind enabling consumers to hand over a $250 deposit to get on a waiting list alongside the fleet companies. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2024.


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