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NewsFlo Has Begun Production of its Ultra Charging Stations in Michigan

Flo Has Begun Production of its Ultra Charging Stations in Michigan

The new Flo Ultra DC fast charging station is entering production in Michigan.

  • Flo is a Quebec-based EV charging network operator with over 100,000 fast and level-2 stations across North America.

  • The Ultra fast charger is a new design that can support charge rates of up to 320 kW.

  • The company says this enables it to charge most EVs to 80% in just 15 minutes.

The first Flo Ultra DC fast charger has been produced at the company’s factory in Michigan, marking the beginning of its new generation of charging stations.

Quebec-based FLO is a charging network operator which is present across North America, with more than 100,000 fast and level-2 public charging stations available to Canadian and American drivers.

The company aims to expand further with its latest charging station: the new Flo Ultra DC fast charger.

This new charger is faster than the ones currently used by the Flo network thanks to its 320-kW peak output, which the company says is enough to charge most electric vehicles to 80% in only 15 minutes.

Of course, this charging time depends on many factors such as weather and the vehicle’s maximum charging capacity, but also the state of charge at the beginning of the session.

Flo Ultra DC fast charging station | Photo: Flo

It is also important to note that since the Ultra charger features two charging ports that share the same power source, the charging rate will be divided by two if another vehicle plugs in, making for 160-kW charging speeds.

At the moment, the Flo charger will come with two CCS1 charging connectors, but this could change soon as most automakers will adopt Tesla’s NACS connector later in the decade.

In addition, early photos of the Flo Ultra show a unit that features both a CCS port and an NACS port, a configuration we would not be surprised to see on stations installed later on.

To make its chargers easier to use, Flo has developed a motorized cable management system that keeps the cable from touching the ground and makes it easier to manoeuvre, something that is more of a concern with the thicker and heavier CCS cables. This system also ensures sufficient reach to work with a variety of vehicles that don’t have their charging port in the same location.

Since a common complaint about non-Tesla public charging stations in North America is their lack of reliability, Flo aims for a 98% uptime for all its chargers.

To achieve this, the company has ensured the Ultra DC fast charger is able to face harsh conditions with its aluminum exterior and easy-to-service main components.

Thanks to their assembly in Michigan, these chargers comply with the Buy America Act and the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI) standards.


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