Saturday, September 23, 2023
News FLO Partners with Nissan Canada for Enhanced EV Charging Access

FLO Partners with Nissan Canada for Enhanced EV Charging Access

  • FLO and Nissan Canada partner to boost EV adoption, offering charging credits.

  • FLO Home chargers now available at Nissan dealerships, enhancing charging accessibility.

  • Nissan EV buyers gain access to the FLO network, ensuring convenient charging.

In a bid to hasten the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Canada, FLO, a key player in North American EV charging infrastructure, and Nissan Canada, have announced a collaborative effort. This partnership is engineered to enhance the convenience of EV charging, by offering complimentary charging credits and increased access to FLO’s residential EV chargers for new Nissan EV buyers across the country.

The newly unveiled program promises a $150 charging credit to Nissan Canada customers who choose to purchase or lease a new Nissan EV, alongside the Nissan EV Care protection package. Taking a further step, Nissan dealerships countrywide are now retailing FLO Home chargers, allowing seamless purchase experiences for EV adopters.

“With a surge in EVs on North American roads, our goal is to ensure accessible, safe, and reliable EV chargers are available to all users,” stated Louis Tremblay, FLO President and CEO. The partnership with Nissan represents the firms’ joint commitment to accelerating EV adoption in North America.

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New Nissan EV drivers gain access to the FLO EV Charging Network, a comprehensive grid of user-friendly EV charging stations. This network features both FLO Level 2 & DC fast chargers spanning across Canada and the U.S., offering a hassle-free charging experience.

“We’re excited to join hands with FLO, bringing EV charging even closer to our customers,” Ben Lee, President of Nissan Canada Extended Services Inc., commented. “In addition to providing a $150 charging credit with the Nissan EV Care protection package, our customers can now conveniently purchase a FLO Home charger directly from our dealerships.”

Nissan Canada’s dealership-offered home charging unit is the FLO Home charger. This unit boasts a robust build to withstand extreme weather conditions and offers ENERGY STAR certified efficiency. The smart charging feature in the X5 model enables users to schedule charging times, limit power during peak hours, and track usage via their smartphones. This, alongside a swift 6-8 hour charging time, makes the FLO Home charger a superior choice for Nissan EV customers.

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