For 1st generation Ford Bronco And Truck Lovers


The Barn Find Hunter locates a collection of 1st generation Ford Broncos in deep Alaska. The owner also owns a numbers of other classic trucks.

In this other fantastic video put together by Hagerty and Barn Find Hunters, Tom, the host, speaks with a truck enthusiasts that happens to have a soft-spot for 1st generation Ford Broncos and Toyota Land Cruisers.

Tim, the owner, is an avid collector of trucks. In the video, we can spot some Ford Expeditions, Ford F-100s and F-150s and a number of other trucks. When asked if he preferred Toyota or Ford, he answered that the Land Cruiser is an off-road beast while the Bronco is a great daily driver.

Take note that if you’re really into Bronco, Tim might consider selling some of his precious toys.


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