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NewsFord and General Motors Among the Least Prepared to go Carbon Neutral

Ford and General Motors Among the Least Prepared to go Carbon Neutral

Ford came in last and GM, fourth from last

  • Both companies have committed to become carbon neutral

  • Tesla is leading the pack

  • GM arrived fourth from last and Ford was in last place

In order to become more sustainable and please the environmentally conscious customers, automakers are looking to become carbon neutral in the coming decades.

Ford and General Motors have both pledged to do so in addition to increasing the percentage of their production that will be all electric.

Ford has announced it wants to become the world’s second largest electric vehicle producer by doubling its intended EV production to reach 600,000 units a year by 2024.

General Motors is set to only sell electric vehicles starting in 2025 and the company plans to introduce 30 new EV models around the globe by 2030.

Despite these efforts, a report showed that these two automakers are amongst the worst prepared to transition into carbon neutrality.

Becoming carbon neutral means the company either doesn’t create any pollution through its activities, or that it is able to make up for its environmental impact by other means, which is the solution that will be used by automakers, since building cars is inherently polluting.

The study shows that Tesla is the automaker that is closest to become carbon neutral due to its advanced manufacturing technologies and the fact that all of its vehicles are electric, therefore not contributing to carbon pollution when they are driven.

On the other hand, General Motors placed fourth to last, followed by Stellantis and Chinese automaker Dongfeng. This is due to the company’s lineup of gasoline powered vehicles, especially its full-size pickups that burn a lot of fuel and are its best sellers.

Ford arrived dead-last in the ranking. The company’s polluting vehicles are also to blame, again, especially its best-selling pickup trucks.

Both automakers also suffer from a small pool of electric vehicles. Ford has only begun selling electric vehicles very recently and General Motors still only has the Bolt until the upcoming models arrive at the beginning of 2022.

The expansion of each companies EV lineup will surely help them gain places on this list, but for now, their goals to become carbon neutral seem quite far away.

In 1996 General Motors acquired the Renaissance Center to house
Renaissance Center, GM’s Detroit Headquarters | Photo: General Motors


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