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News Ford and Volkswagen Strengthen EV Partnership with New Electric Vans in 2024

Ford and Volkswagen Strengthen EV Partnership with New Electric Vans in 2024

In 2024, Ford and Volkswagen will deepen their electric vehicle collaboration by introducing the Ford E-Transit Custom, which will form the base for the upcoming electric Volkswagen Transporter.


  • The partnership between Ford and Volkswagen has already resulted in collaborations such as the SUVs Explorer and ID.4.

  • The Ford E-Transit Custom will pave the way for the Volkswagen Transporter’s electric version, offering diesel, gasoline, hybrid, and fully electric options.

  • Due to this collaboration, the Volkswagen Transporter will no longer be produced in Hanover, Germany, but at the Ford Otosan facility in Kocaeli, Turkey.


The electric vehicle space has witnessed a new, strengthened strategic partnership between Ford and Volkswagen, which has previously yielded models like the SUVs Explorer and ID.4. These joint efforts, reported by l’Automobile Magazine, have allowed both companies to tap into shared resources, notably Volkswagen’s MEB technical platform, electric machinery, and battery technologies. Such partnerships have not only been limited to passenger vehicles, however. The second-generation pick-ups Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok also exemplify a successful collaboration between the two automotive giants, enabling them to reduce production and industrialization costs significantly.

2024 Ford Transit EV | Photo : Ford UK

In 2024, this alliance is set to introduce another product: an electric utility vehicle. The Ford E-Transit Custom will become the foundation for the future all-electric Volkswagen Transporter. This new Transporter will offer a range of engine options including diesel, gasoline, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric. The Ford E-Transit Custom’s specifications have already been revealed, boasting two power levels (136 and 217 hp) and a torque value of 306 lb-ft. Its electric engine is powered by a 74 kWh battery, ensuring a range of 380 km as per the WLTP cycle.

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However, this collaboration has also brought changes in production. The Volkswagen Transporter will now be manufactured not in its traditional Hanover plant in Germany, but at Ford’s Otosan facility in Kocaeli, Turkey. Additionally, with the Ford Connect no longer available in North America from 2023, there’s potential speculation about the Ford Transit Custom EV being introduced as a replacement.

2024 Ford Transit EV | Photo : Ford UK

2024 Ford Transit EV | Photo : Ford UK

2024 Ford Transit EV | Photo : Ford UK

2024 Ford Transit EV | Photo : Ford UK

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