Thursday, July 7, 2022
News Ford Announced a $3,7 Billion Investment that Includes the Next Generation Mustang

Ford Announced a $3,7 Billion Investment that Includes the Next Generation Mustang

Ford announced a massive investment plan, which includes provisions for the production of the next-generation Mustang.

  • This money will be spent in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri

  • Four vehicles will be affected: the next Mustang, the new Ranger, a new commercial EV and the F-150 Lightning

  • The automaker will also add around 6,200 manufacturing jobs in the US

Ford announced a large investment package destined to expand manufacturing in the United States and in doing so, it teased the upcoming seventh generation of the Mustang.

This investment will be divided into three states: Michigan, Ohio and Missouri, which will receive $2 billion, $1.6 billion and $95 million respectively.

In Michigan, its home state, Ford will put this money towards accelerating the production of the F-150 Lightning electric truck at its historic River Rouge assembly complex, which opened to build the Model A in 1927.

In addition, the new Ranger will enter production in Wayne and the upcoming seventh generation of the Mustang will be built at the Flat Rock plant, as it has been since 2005.

This new Mustang is said to be unveiled in April of next year for a debut in the 2024 model year, but Ford has already put end to one of the rumours about it. Following an interview from the company’s vehicle program director, many believed that the new Mustang would not be available with a manual transmission, but this won’t be the case.

Indeed, the image put out by Ford to announce the new generation of Mustang includes a manual gear pattern inside of the letter O, meaning that this type of transmission will still be offered.

On the other hand, the press release only mentions the Mustang Coupe, which means that the convertible might not be renewed, or at least that it will have to wait longer than the hardtop model.

All of these new vehicles will require about 3,200 new jobs to be created in the state, all of which will be union protected.

Announcement for the 7th generation Ford Mustang | Photo: Ford

In Ohio, the automaker will invest into upgrades to some of its assembly, engine and transmission plants in order to accommodate a new commercial electric vehicle that will be added to its lineup towards the middle of the decade.

This will add close to 1,900 jobs in the state.

In Missouri, the money will go towards the Kansas City assembly plant in order to set up a third shift, adding 1,100 employees, in order to increase the production rate of the Transit and E-Transit commercial

The states chosen by Ford to receive these investments are a departure from the recent trend in the industry, which sees most manufacturers abandon the mid-west in favor of new factories set up in the southern states, particularly on the east coast.

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