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NewsFord Apparently Supplies an Adapter to Charge Tesla Vehicles with the F-150...

Ford Apparently Supplies an Adapter to Charge Tesla Vehicles with the F-150 Lightning

Ford now supplies and adapter which will allow owners of the F-150 Lightning to charge Tesla vehicles.

  • Many think this is a subtle jab at Tesla from Ford

  • This adapter allows Lightning owners to charge stranded Tesla models from their own vehicle

  • Ford had previously demonstrated that the F-150 Lightning is capable of charging other EVs, such as the brand’s own Mustang Mach-E

Users of the Lightning Owners forum have posted pictures that show an adapter designed for use with Tesla vehicles which is supplied by Ford with its new electric truck.

Since the F-150 Lightning features bidirectional charging capabilities, it is possible to use the truck’s battery to power all sorts of electric equipment and even charge another electric vehicle.

As owners have found out, Ford is now supplying an adapter that allows the F-150 Lightning to connect to a Tesla vehicle and charge its depleted battery.

This is seen as a subtle jab at Tesla since owners of the electric Ford pickup will now be able to come to the rescue of stranded Tesla drivers.

This adapter is needed because Tesla is still using its own proprietary connector to charge its vehicles, which makes it the only brand in North America to sell EVs that don’t follow the same charging standard.

Ford had previously proved that the F-150 Lightning is capable of charging other electric vehicles and even powering houses for a couple of days during a power outage. This is done via a 240-volt outlet placed on the left side of the cargo bed. The hybrid Ford F-150 power boost is also equipped with a similar system, albeit providing less power, with a maximum output of 7.2 kW instead of the maximum 9.6 kW available with the Lightning.

Bidirectional charging is becoming increasingly popular among automakers and it will not be surprising to see other companies start supplying the necessary equipment to transfer power from an EV to a Tesla vehicle.


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