Monday, September 26, 2022
News Ford Bronco Raptor Makes 400 Hp Leap Into the Desert

Ford Bronco Raptor Makes 400 Hp Leap Into the Desert

Horse meets dinosaur, result is a desert monster

  • Bronco Raptor 10-inches wider, upgrades nearly everything

  • A Bronco that kicks the Wrangler 392 firmly in the teeth

Ford has just launched the Bronco Raptor, and when we say launched, we mean they’ve sent it flying. A 400 hp beast with the design intent of being the first Ultra4-inspired SUV on the market. Ford says it’s up to rock crawling as well as dune-jumping at highway speeds, and we can’t wait to put those claims to the test.

The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is such a massive upgrade that it’s tough to know where to begin. So we’ll start with the engine, a 3.0L Ecoboost V6, twin-turbocharged and Ford Performance tuned to hit more than 400 hp. Upgraded intercooling and new air induction are designed to let it make its power for a long time, even in the heat of the desert.

A 10-speed automatic backs that engine, again tuned by Ford Performance. The Braptor comes with a dual-exhaust and equal-length pipes Ford says give it a better exhaust sound. We hope so, because it also has active valves on the exhaust meaning that you’ll be hearing it loudly and proudly. The transfer case has a taller low range for even better crawling while an upgraded clutch keeps things spinning.

Bronco’s frame has been beefed up, adding new shock towers to the fully-boxed frame that increase strength and allow more suspension travel. The body is stiffened in the B and C-Pillars, and new skid and bash plates protect the Bronco’s belly from tip to tail for those occasional missed landings.

Dana axles have been installed. Ford labels the Dana 50 rear and Dana 44 front axles as “competition-level”, with a 235 mm rear ring gear and 210 in the front. The big axles made up 8.6-inches of the 9.8-inch increase in width and with 4.8-inches more ground clearance than standard have plenty of room to move around.

Fox Live Valve shocks, 3.1-inch semi-active units with remote reservoir and internal bypass, control the wheel movement. Ford calls it HOSS 4.0, and it uses a load of sensors to adjust as needed to control the 13-inches of front and 14-inches of rear travel. That’s 60 and 40 percent more than a standard Bronco.

Beadlock-capable 17-inch wheels wear 37-inch tall BFGoodrich K02 all-terrain tires, Ford calls them the largest on any production SUV in America. Helping turn them left and right is a new power steering rack and larger diameter tie rods inside and out.

Interior changes are milder, though there are plenty of Ford Performance orange accents. The base version comes with vinyl seats and a hose-out floor, though more luxurious materials can be ordered. A sheet-moulding compound is used to make the new vented hood as well as the wide fender flares. Other Bronco Raptor unique add-ons include rock rails with removable step bars.

Order books open in March and customers who order a Braptor can expect to see them arrive at dealers beginning this summer.

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