Saturday, January 22, 2022
News Ford Bronco Truck Plans Cancelled: Report

Ford Bronco Truck Plans Cancelled: Report

No Bronco truck says report

  • Bronco truck would crowd Ford’s pickup lineup

  • Vehicle was never officially confirmed, now not officially cancelled

A plan from Ford that was never officially confirmed has now been unofficially cancelled. If you were hoping for a Ford Bronco pickup truck to compete with the Jeep Gladiator, then you’re not going to want to keep waiting. A new report says it’s not happening.

While there were never official confirmations of a Bronco pickup, a wide array of insider reports and sources said that the vehicle was planned for 2024, four years after the SUV should have hit the market. It would have been built at the same plant as the Bronco SUV and the Ford Ranger pickup, sharing a platform with both.

Now the plans have been scrapped, reports Automotive News. It cites two sources with knowledge of the decision as saying that suppliers have been notified of the cancellation of the original plans.

While an appealing option from Ford, that would give the company three pickups smaller than the best-selling F-150. While it would compete with the Jeep Gladiator, it would also seriously overlap the Ford Ranger pickup.

If it did sell well, another midsize pickup could harm Ford’s electrification goals and targets. That includes a goal of half of brand sales being emissions-free by 2030.

Officially, Ford spokesman Mike Levine declined comment to AN on the plan for future product, but did say that “we continue to see strong demand for our full portfolio of rugged trucks and SUVs, including Bronco-brand utilities and our bestselling Ford truck lineup.”



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