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NewsFord Canada and Unifor Avoid Strike with New Agreement

Ford Canada and Unifor Avoid Strike with New Agreement

Ford Motor of Canada and Unifor union strike a three-year deal, preventing a workers’ strike and paving the way for electric vehicle labor standards.


  • The recently negotiated agreement encompasses 5,680 workers and successfully prevents potential shutdowns in multiple locations across Canada.

  • Ford tabled its significant offer merely hours prior to the strike, which led to an extension of the negotiation deadline.

  • This agreement is of paramount importance, particularly as the automotive industry pivots its attention towards the production of electric vehicles.


Ford Motor of Canada and the Unifor union successfully negotiated a three-year contract, preventing a looming strike that would have impacted several key operational sites. The agreement, covering 5,680 workers, was finalized just hours before the strike’s anticipated start. Potential disruptions would have affected Ford’s Oakville SUV assembly line, two engine plants in Windsor, and parts warehouses in Southern Ontario and Edmonton.

Rendering of Ford’s Oakville electric vehicle factory | Photo : Ford

Lana Payne, Unifor’s national president, highlighted the importance of this deal. She noted that it addressed key concerns raised by members ahead of the negotiations, emphasizing its potential to set a precedent for future automotive workers. Payne’s statement hinted at the significance of this agreement in laying the groundwork for subsequent generations of Canadian autoworkers.

Interestingly, Ford’s offer, which played a pivotal role in swaying the negotiations, was only tabled shortly before the strike’s deadline on September 18. Recognizing the offer’s significance, Unifor opted to extend the negotiation window.

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This breakthrough in Canada contrasts with ongoing labor tensions in the U.S., where a strike involving 12,700 United Auto Workers has persisted for nearly a week. As the U.S. grapples with its labor challenges, Unifor, representing 20,000 Canadian workers, had strategically selected Ford of Canada for its negotiations. The choice was influenced by Ford’s evident commitment to transitioning to electric vehicles, highlighted by its $1.8-billion investment to transform its Oakville plant for EV and battery pack production by mid-2024.

Ford Kentucky Truck Plant

While the specifics of the agreement remain undisclosed, Payne hinted earlier that pensions, wages, and job security, especially amidst the switch to EVs, were primary negotiation points.


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