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NewsFord Capri is Back, As an Electric Crossover

Ford Capri is Back, As an Electric Crossover

How did they miss Capr-E?

  • Capri now a four-door EV

  • Longest-range model gets 600+ km

Ford has just launched a new compact electric crossover. The Ford Capri brings another classic Blue Oval nameplate into the 21st century, and, well, we’ll let you judge how it’s been treated this time around.

The 2024 Ford Capri is small. 4,634 mm long makes it about the same size as the Bronco Sport. It’s a bit heavier, at around 2,000 kg, thanks to a 77 kWh lithium-ion battery mounted underneath.

Ford is offering it in two versions to start, a rear-drive model and all-wheel drive. This is the “extended range’ model, and Ford says it should get up to 627 km on the WLTP cycle in RWD form or 592 with AWD.

The rear-drive model’s motor makes 282 hp and 402 lb-ft, so while it’s nothing like older Capri cars, it’s certainly going to be quick. The AWD model’s twin motors make a total of 335 hp, with the 402 lb-ft of the rear motor being augmented by 99 from the front. Ford says AWD acceleration takes 5.3 seconds to 100 km/h with the RWD taking a second longer.

Ford’s design is very Polestar, even though Ford and ex-Polestar parent Volvo separated a couple of decades ago. It’s a sleek look, and there is some of the original Capri models in the new Ford’s grille treatment. Ford says this will be a lux model with soft-touch materials and loads of standard kit.

No, we’re not expecting the Capri to come to this side of the pond. Yes, it seems like it would be a perfect complement to Ford’s electric lineup, but we’ll probably end up with a larger (and pricier) electric Escape instead. Also, this is actually a Volkswagen underneath, as the two companies are sharing electric tech and platforms. It goes on sale soon.


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