Saturday, November 26, 2022
News Ford CEO Says he Would Have a Mustang Mach-E as His Third...

Ford CEO Says he Would Have a Mustang Mach-E as His Third Car

Ford's CEO seems ambiguious towards electric cars

  • Jim Farley says he isn’t giving up his ’73 Bronco or his Mustang 5.0, but if he were to have a third car, it would be a Mach-E

  • While some people applaud this statement, other say he should prioritise electric vehicles

The CEO of Ford, Jim Farley, recently said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that if he were to have a third car, it would most likely be a Mustang Mach-E.

The businessman is often heard talking about Ford’s electric vehicles and where they are taking the company, although he doesn’t own one himself, at least for now.

Farley added in the same statement that he won’t give up his 1973 Bronco 4×4 or his Mustang 5.0 coupe (of an unspecified model year).

This last part is grinding the gears of some people, who think the CEO should lead by example and drive around in a Mach-E SUV, which he continuously praises, instead of a gasoline powered sports car.

These people are accusing him of having his priorities in the wrong place and point to the fact that his statement seems to imply he won’t buy a Mach-E, which shows what he really thinks of electric vehicles.

While someone could say he hinted at owning a Mach-E in the future, it is true that the way he said it doesn’t give much hope.

Viewed from another perspective, Ford still sells a lot more gasoline powered vehicles than EVs, so it does make some sense the CEO owns one of them instead and he doesn’t want to discourage people from buying their best-selling products.

Maybe in a few years this balance will have changed and we will see him driving around in an electric Ford, like he said he would do.

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