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News Ford Considers All-Wheel-Drive Line Lock, a New Patent Filing Revealed

Ford Considers All-Wheel-Drive Line Lock, a New Patent Filing Revealed

Ford’s recent patent filing indicates the exploration of a line lock for all-wheel-drive vehicles, aiming to adapt the feature commonly used in rear-wheel-drive vehicles for burnouts.

  • Ford’s patent suggests a method for implementing line lock in all-wheel-drive vehicles by alternating brake control.

  • The new system may brake wheels individually or by axle, enabling burnouts with flexibility.

  • While the patent doesn’t guarantee production, it could enhance performance in vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E GT and the upcoming Mach-E Rally. has revealed a Ford patent application that delves into the possibility of integrating a line lock system into all-wheel-drive vehicles. This feature, which was introduced in the 2015 Mustang model, is predominantly found in rear-wheel-drive vehicles. It functions by locking the front brakes, allowing the rear wheels to spin freely while the car is stationary. Such a mechanism is primarily beneficial in drag racing, where warming up the tires through burnouts before the race commences is crucial.

Ford AWD Line-Lock Patent | Photo : Ford

The challenge lies in the fact that the traditional line lock mechanism, which focuses on locking brakes on one axle, isn’t straightforward to adapt for all-wheel-drive systems. However, Ford’s recently disclosed patent, dated Sep. 26, 2023, proposes an innovative solution. Instead of spinning all wheels simultaneously, the patent describes using a controller to intermittently brake certain wheels, ensuring each tire gets warmed up in the process. This can be achieved by either braking both wheels on a single axle or targeting individual wheels.

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Furthermore, for vehicles equipped with mechanical all-wheel-drive systems, the patent suggests the possibility of disconnecting wheels from the drivetrain when they’re not spinning. The patent also alludes to both conventional and electric-powered vehicles. While the patent’s existence doesn’t confirm its implementation, its introduction could potentially benefit performance vehicles in Ford’s lineup, such as the Mustang Mach-E GT and the teased F-150 Lightning performance concept.

Ford AWD Line-Lock Patent | Photo : Ford

Ford AWD Line-Lock Patent | Photo : Ford

Ford AWD Line-Lock Patent | Photo : Ford

Ford AWD Line-Lock Patent | Photo : Ford

Ford AWD Line-Lock Patent | Photo : Ford

Ford AWD Line-Lock Patent | Photo : Ford

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