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NewsFord Could Replace the F-150 Lightning as Soon as 2025

Ford Could Replace the F-150 Lightning as Soon as 2025

Ford could be working on the next generation of the F-150 Lightning as well as another electric full-size truck.

  • The second generation of the electric pickup could only be two years away.

  • Ford says this new F-150 Lightning will be built on an EV-dedicated platform.

  • The automaker is also working on another full-size electric truck to join its lineup.

The Ford F-150 Lightning could enter its second generation as soon as 2025 according to AutoForecast Solutions.

Indeed, internal documents show that the new generation of Lightning will start production on August 18, 2025, and the current model will bow out after December 24 of the same year.

This means that both models will be offered at the same time for a few months, probably to maintain the supply of trucks while the new model is ramping up to its normal production rate.

Few details are known about the future model yet, except that it will be built on an all-new platform called TE1 which could also serve as the basis for the upcoming electric Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator.

Since this platform is engineered only with electric vehicles in mind, this means that the next F-150 Lightning will not share its underpinnings with the gasoline-powered truck that shares the same name.

Speaking of which, the regular F-150 will be restyled for the 2024 model year. This could preview the general appearance of the next F-150 Lightning that will be unveiled a year later.

Moving to a dedicated platform will allow the electric truck to use bigger batteries in order to provide more range, especially when towing, which should address a criticism of the current model.

The F-150 Lightning will not be the only electric pickup to make the news at Ford in the coming years, however since the company is reportedly working on a new full-size truck that Ford doesn’t have in its lineup today.

Few details are known about this future truck, but Ford CEO Jim Farley says it will be a “next-gen” truck that will feature a radical design.

This decision could be due to the public’s reception of the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, Chevrolet Silverado EV, and Ram 1500 EV, which will all feature a much more futuristic design than the current F-150 Lightning.

Since this new model won’t replace an existing vehicle, it is possible that the company will offer two competing full-size electric trucks, with the F-150 Lighting being aimed at traditional truck buyers and the new model being aimed at a more EV-focussed crowd.

With the use of active aerodynamics and a design that will likely be more efficient, the new truck should be able to offer about 100 miles (161 kilometres) of additional range compared to the F-150 Lightning.

In addition to all of this, Ford is also working on an electric version of the Ranger that should be launched in the coming years in order to offer a more affordable electric truck.

Source: Autoblog


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