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NewsFord EV owners can now Recharge at a Tesla Charging Station

Ford EV owners can now Recharge at a Tesla Charging Station

  • The first deliveries will start at the end of March.

  • Ford’s network of charging stations just grew at more than 28,000 stations across North America.


It’s now official: starting today, the first Ford customers can go to a Tesla charging station network in North America if the need to refuel in electricity arises.

Ford EV owners can now charge at a Tesla charging station. | Photo: Ford

Indeed, February 29 had been identified by strategists from both automotive entities (Ford and Tesla) as the start of this new chapter in the Dearborn giant’s electrification history. Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning owners can order their NACS adapters, which will enable them to connect their vehicles to most Tesla fast-charging stations.

Indeed, at the time of writing, just over 15,000 Tesla V3 charging stations have been added to Ford’s fast-charging network, more than doubling what was already available to customers of the brand founded by Henry Ford. According to Ford, owners of Ford electric vehicles now have access to over 126,000 charging points, including 28,000 fast charging points across the continent.

To receive their adapter, which plugs into the end of the charging cable before being inserted into the Ford vehicle’s socket, customers simply access the FordPass app (on smart devices) or the Charge Assist app (soon to be called Public Charge) on the Ford vehicle’s touchscreen. A series of quick actions allows you to order the adapter in question, which is offered free of charge for a limited time.

Customers who already own the two consumer models – the Ford E-Transit is not among the vehicles compatible with this new adapter, but customers can visit a Ford dealership to obtain the update on the spot – have until June 30 to order their device free of charge. Ford Pro customers will also be contacted by Ford this spring for their order of the adapter.

There is a limit of one adapter per customer for the time being, but more can be ordered for a fee of $230 (in US dollars). Delivery is also free. The catch is that delivery of the first adapters will only begin towards the end of March.

When the order is completed, a remote update is sent to the vehicle’s screen so that the user can complete a few more operations on his screen before his vehicle is eligible for charging via the Tesla network’s charging stations.

To find a fast-charging station, consumers simply search on their FordPass app, or even directly on their vehicle’s touchscreen with the Charge Assist app (soon to be renamed Public Charge).

There’s no need to download Tesla’s app, as Ford’s system takes care of managing payments for charging. Rates, meanwhile, come from Tesla.

What is clear is that other brands will join Ford in gaining access to North America’s most extensive network of charging stations. It will be interesting to see how electric motorists respond to this new charging alternative.


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