Monday, October 3, 2022
News Ford F-150 Lightning: 20% are the Entry Level Pro Versions

Ford F-150 Lightning: 20% are the Entry Level Pro Versions

Ford is committing 20% of the production of the F-150 Lightning to the entry-level Pro model.

  • Ford is targeting businesses and contractors with the Lightning

  • The entry-level Pro model is offered at $40,000 in the United States

  • Ford has not said how the 200,000 orders for the Lightning are divided between trim levels

The Ford F-150 Lightning started production two weeks ago and out of the close to 2,800 units already produced, around 560 are the entry level Pro model.

This means that about 1 in 5 units of the Lightning are the most affordable version and the one targeted at businesses and contractors.

This is a different strategy than the one used by most automakers who launch a new EV, especially one that is as anticipated as the F-150 Lightning. Indeed, GMC is launching the Hummer EV exclusively with the most expensive version, before adding production of the more affordable models later on.

This is to maximise the profits made on each vehicle in order to more quickly recoup the huge development costs associated with these types of new products. Incidentally, Tesla has been using this strategy for a while, even if its models aren’t new anymore, so that buyers who spend more receive their vehicle quicker than those who were a bit more restrained.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro | Photo: Ford

Ford says this is because commercial buyers and fleets are an important part of its sales and it wants to maintain its relationship with them at the beginning of the electric era.

The automaker also said it has committed about 20% of the Lightning production to these types of buyers, which can already be seen.

The company has not said, however, how the trim levels are split up in the close to 200,000 orders it currently has for the Lightning, except to say that the Lariat is very popular.

In order to fulfill these orders as quickly as possible, Ford intends to increase production up to 150,000 units per year in 2023 and it said the Lightning will take priority over other models when some components are in short supply due to the ongoing crisis in the automotive industry.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro | Photo: Ford

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