Wednesday, May 18, 2022
News Ford F-150 Lightning: Regular Production to begin on April 26

Ford F-150 Lightning: Regular Production to begin on April 26

Ford will begin production of the first customer-ready units of the the F-150 Lightning on April 26.

  • The first production units will roll of the assembly line in 12 days

  • Ford currently has around 200,000 pre-orders for the Lightning

  • The company expects to be able to build 80,000 units this year

Ford announced that the first units of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup intended for the buying public will be built on April 26th.

This is good news for the more than 200,000 people who have placed a pre-order for the first electric pickup to be sold by an established automaker, but they shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet.

Indeed, with such high demand, delays would be expected at the best of times and the multiple component shortages caused by the remnants of the Coronavirus crisis means we are very far from the ideal situation in terms of automotive production.

This means that Ford is expecting to build 80,000 units of the F-150 Lightning for 2022 before reaching a production goal of 150,000 units a year later down the line.

This means that most of the current pre-orders won’t be filled this year and potential buyers who haven’t put their name on the list will have to wait for quite some time.

Nevertheless, the first lucky owners will be able to drive away in their electric pickup shortly and Ford has taken precautions to avoid the predatory tactics often seen around highly anticipated new models by preventing dealers from marking up the price of the truck and by making it impossible for the first buyers to resell their truck immediately for a much higher price than they paid.

This will keep some people from buying a Lightning at an exorbitant price just so they can show off their new vehicle, but it will hopefully make the prices stay at a level most interested buyers can afford.

When it arrives on the market, the F-150 Lightning will be the second of a wave of electric trucks that was started by the Rivian R1T, of which a couple hundred units are already in their owner’s driveways.

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