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NewsFord F-150 Lightning SwitchGear Like an Electric Raptor

Ford F-150 Lightning SwitchGear Like an Electric Raptor

Off-road Lightning strikes

  • Off-road electric pickup from RTR

  • Will also get a pavement mode

Imagine an electric Raptor blended with a street truck. That’s what Ford and RTR Vehicles have produced with the Ford F-150 Lightning SwitchGear. It’s a truck with few switches and fewer gears but a fancy suspension that goes ultra-low in town and up high off-road.

The F-150 Lightning SwitchGear takes the standard F-150 Lightning’s 580 hp and 775 lb-ft electric driveline but then changes almost everything else about the truck. Starting with the fenders, which are now made from carbon fiber. They needed to be, to make them wide enough to cover the tires. The track width is pushed out nearly a foot to give the truck more stability when it’s off the pavement.

It needs that extra stability because this one will go hard. In the off-road configuration it has 13.5-inches of ground clearance in the front and 11 in the rear. Fox 3.0 remote reservoir shocks allow for 11 inches of front wheel travel and 13 in the back, supporting the Nitto Ridge Grappler 37-inch tall tires.

The truck will offer that off-road suspension, but it will have an on-road mode too. Ford isn’t talking about that iteration much, but said that the truck will drop to just 5 inches of clearance in street trim. On pavement, the tires are swapped out with Nitto performance rubber in 305/55R20.

Ford will bring the F-150 Lightning SwitchGear to the King of the Hammers off-road race event starting January 25th. Expect more about the street version in the next few months.



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