Thursday, July 18, 2024
NewsFord Goes '70s With Free Wheeling Bronco Sport

Ford Goes ’70s With Free Wheeling Bronco Sport

2024 Bronco Sport takes it easy

  • 70s graphics pack is back

  • Ford also launching black-out Bronco Sport

Ford is taking the Bronco Sport back to the 1970s. The 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling Edition adds a sunset-inspired stripe package that is absolutely retro.

The Free Wheeling package was launched in the late 1970s on F-Series, Bronco, Econoline, and more. The sunset-inspired graphics were meant to make Fords stand out at a time when vehicles were looking ever more drab, beige, and boring.

For the 2024 Bronco Sport, Ford is looking to recapture some of that magic. The four-colour graphics are reflective to help really make them pop. Also part of the package are painted wheels, a silver grille, and a modified insert in the nose. They also get a black roof.

Inside the cabin, Ford is giving the Free Wheeling models sunset-coloured seat inserts, ombre stitching, and red door trim. The package will be applied to Big Bend-trim models.

There’s also going to be a Black Appearance Package for Big Bend that is for after the sunset. It will add a black grille, black wheels, black graphics, and a smoked Ford logo. The interior will have a black Bronco on the airbag cover, too.

Lastly, Ford is adding Azure Gray and Desert Sand to the 2024 Bronco Sport colour selection. Unless you want a Free Wheeling or Heritage model, because those two won’t offer the shades. Orders for the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport are open now.



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