Sunday, May 29, 2022
News Ford has Now Received 10,000 Orders for the e-Transit

Ford has Now Received 10,000 Orders for the e-Transit

The Ford e-Transit has now received orders for over 10,000 units from around 300 customers in the US

  • The e-Transit is an electric version of Ford’s delivery van

  • The orders are from about 300 customers, including Walmart

  • The most popular model is the High-roof extended version

Ford announced that 10,000 units of the e-Transit have now been ordered in the United States by around 300 commercial and government customers.

The orders have been made by many small business owners and service providers, but also by big corporations, such as Walmart, who ordered 1,100 units on its own. This is not the first time Walmart invests in electric delivery vehicles, since it has already placed an order for 5,000 units of the BrightDrop van from General Motors. Another noteworthy customer is the city of Orlando, in Florida.

The e-Transit is offered in 8 body configurations made by combining 3 different wheelbases and 3 roof heights. Of these, the version with the longest wheelbase and the highest roof has been the most popular, with close to 33% of the orders on its own, helped by Walmart, whose order is limited to this model. Cutaway and chassis-cab versions are also available and they are the only electric models of their kind currently on the market.

Second in terms of popularity is the low roof model. The ability of this model to be parked in a residential garage reportedly made it a good choice for telecommunications businesses, where employees often take their work vehicle home. This allowed it to make up 19% of the total orders.

Deliveries of the e-Transit are expected to begin shortly and this model will be joined in the spring by the commercial version of the F150 Lightning in Ford’s electric work vehicles lineup.

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