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NewsFord is encouraging its dealers to buy alcohol for impatient Bronco buyers

Ford is encouraging its dealers to buy alcohol for impatient Bronco buyers

Ford has created a customer satistfaction fund for its dealers to purchase gift to agitated Bronco costumers, some of which are quite unexpected

  • The new Ford Bronco has enjoyed immediate success, with 125,000 orders in its first three months on the market

  • Chip shortages and problems with the removable hardtop are affecting Ford’s production capacity

  • Customers are getting irritated at Ford because of numerous delays

Ford knew its new Bronco would be popular, it had teased it for years and the public’s interest was strong. Unfortunately, it was introduced during one of the worst times for the automotive industry in recent memory.

Indeed, component availability issues have been forcing every automaker to cut back production for months at a time since the beginning of 2020.

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When combined to strong demand for a long-awaited model, these production setbacks are causing a massive gulf between demand and offer.

Add a problem with the hardtop roof necessitating replacement of all of the affected units before manufacturing can resume and it is easy to understand why people who have ordered a Bronco are becoming annoyed.

2022 Ford Bronco Eruption Green Metallic
2022 Ford Bronco Eruption Gree Metallic Photo: Ford

To make sure buyers won’t cancel their order, Ford has setup a fund providing each of its dealers $1,000 to buy their Bronco costumers gifts, thanking them for their patience.

The interesting part is that within the expected list of Ford-branded items, the company allegedly suggested its dealers to buy costumers ʺtheir favorite Bourbon or Spiritʺ.

When reached for comment by Motor1 Ford didn’t confirm if alcohol was actually mentioned in the suggested gifts.

Needless to say, it is pretty rare to have an automaker encouraging its costumers to drink, but it might make their waiting time a little more pleasant.

Source: Motor1


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