Thursday, July 7, 2022
News Ford Issues Five New Recalls Affecting Over a Million Vehicles

Ford Issues Five New Recalls Affecting Over a Million Vehicles

Ford now has seven separate recalls to handle

  • Five recalls concerning cameras, axles, brake pedals and suspension components have been issued

  • These recalls affect fifteen Ford and Lincoln models, for a total of over a million units in North America

  • Two recalls had been announced previously, so the total is now seven active campaigns

Ford has issued five new recalls today, which brings the total of active campaigns from the manufacturer to seven.

Two of these new recalls concern cameras. The first one affects 620,246 vehicles from the 2020 model year of the Ford Edge, Explorer, Expedition, Escape, F-150, Super-Duty, Mustang, Ranger and Transit, as well as the Lincoln Corsair, Nautilus and MKX. The rear-view camera’s image could be distorted or invisible in those models due to a problem with its circuit board.

The second camera recall concerns 354,330 units of the 2020 and 2021 Ford Explorer, Lincoln Corsair and Aviator equipped with the 360-degree camera system. On the affected vehicles, the cameras could cut out, which increases the risk of hitting something while parking.

The next recall is due to improper welds on the front axle which could impair steering maneuvers or cause the affected Super-Duty pickups to pull to one side. 9,628 units are concerned in the United States and only 961 in Canada.

Fourth on the list, 38,005 of the 2020 Mustangs are being recalled in the US and 2,873 in Canada and Mexico because their brake pedal bracket could break in case of an emergency stop, which could lead to increased stopping distances and a risk of injuries.

Finally, at least 126,033 Explorers from the 2011, 2012 and 2013 model years will have to visit a dealer to have their rear suspension checked, since a previous recall could have left them with a defective replacement ball joint that could seize and cause the rear suspension’s toe link to fracture. The company hasn’t yet determined the exact number of affected vehicles, but they are located in at least 22 states.

These campaigns affect over a million vehicles from fifteen different models, but two previous recalls are still active, one for the Mustang Mach-E’s windshield and one for the Super-Duty’s front wheels.

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