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NewsFord Launches a More Capable E-Transit Courrier in Europe

Ford Launches a More Capable E-Transit Courrier in Europe

The next generation of the Ford E-Transit Courrier for Europe will be larger and more capable than before.

  • The previous generation was sold here as the Transit Connect compact delivery van.

  • The new model is more spacious and capable of hauling and towing higher weights.

  • The electric version is the main attraction, but gasoline and diesel models will be available first.

Ford is moving fast in its efforts to electrify its offering, especially in Europe, which is why it has unveiled the new E-Transit Courrier, a more capable and convenient electric option in the commercial van segment.

The new compact commercial van is aimed at businesses and European cities that need an efficient commercial vehicle and those operating in low-emission zones such as city centers.

Indeed, Ford worked to make the E-Transit Courrier more appealing to buyers who might not have considered an electric model before by giving it more range, more convenient charging, and more capabilities.

2023 Ford E-Transit Courrier | Photo: Ford

This translates into a slightly larger van that benefits from more cargo space in every dimension and a load area of up to 2,900 litres, which is 25% more than the previous generation could offer.

Moreover, this increase in size means the new E-Transit Courrier can now take two Euro pallets inside and a load-through bulkhead allows long items such as pipes and planks to be loaded entirely inside.

In addition to this increase in load volume, the new van is also capable to carry more weight than before, with a maximum payload of 1,543 pounds and a towing capacity of 1,653 pounds.

2023 Ford E-Transit Courrier | Photo: Ford

While the full details about its powertrain have yet to be announced, we know the new E-Transit will be powered by a 134 horsepower (100 kW) electric motor, and it will be capable of charging up to 11 kW with its onboard charger and up to 100 kW on a DC fast charging station.

This means the battery can be completely charged in 5.7 hours overnight or a charge of 80% can be achieved in less than 35 minutes, at a maximum rate of 87 kilometres per 10 minutes.

In order to make charging easier for businesses whose employees take the vans home, the E-Transit Courrier will feature Plug & Charge capability with compatible Blue Oval chargers that will allow the driver to plug in, walk away and automatically send the bill to the employer.

2023 Ford E-Transit Courrier | Photo: Ford

Ford’s telematics systems will also be offered in order to allow businesses to keep track of all of their vehicles, as they are already able to do with the larger E-Transit Custom and E-Transit.

Ford expects this electric van to enter production later in 2024, with gasoline and diesel models arriving toward the end of this year.

2023 Ford E-Transit Courrier | Photo: Ford
2023 Ford E-Transit Courrier | Photo: Ford


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