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NewsFord Maverick: More Models Could Wear the Name

Ford Maverick: More Models Could Wear the Name

Ford could add more models to wear the Maverick name

  • Maverick could turn into a vertical brand, like Bronco and Mustang

  • This would tie related models together

  • The Maverick brand would be used on a range of affordable hybrids

Ford is considering turning the Maverick name into a vertical brand like Bronco and Mustang due to the success of its new hybrid compact truck.

A vertical brand is a model name that gets applied to a multitude of vehicles that are related either physically or in concept, such as what Ford has already done with the Bronco and Mustang names, by adding the Bronco Sport and the Mustang Mach-E.

This decision has been made following the huge success of the new Maverick compact pickup, which is the first of its kind to be offered with a hybrid powertrain (which is actually standard in this case). Its very low cost also makes it the cheapest pickup truck on the market, which makes demand so high that Ford can’t cope with it.

The plans for the other models to join the Maverick family call for other affordable vehicles powered by hybrid drivetrains, possibly the same unit used in the current Maverick.

These models will more than likely be compact SUVs since the current model is already a truck and Ford has stopped making sedans and hatchbacks some years ago now.

The automaker has also recently filed for trademarks that include “Rattler” and “OTX”, both names that could be applied to new models in the Maverick family.

In order to successfully create a vertical brand, its name has to be strong. Since the Mustang and the Bronco have been icons at Ford for many decades, this choice was logical, but Maverick arguably isn’t on the same level.

Nevertheless, Ford is confident that the popularity of the current model paired with the nostalgia for the sedan that originally wore the name in the 70s will be enough to ensure its success.


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