Sunday, June 4, 2023
News Ford Performance Gives Four-Cylinder Bronco V6 Power

Ford Performance Gives Four-Cylinder Bronco V6 Power

Ford Performance turns up Bronco, adds rev-match

  • 2.3L Bronco gets 30 hp boost

  • Warranty-keeping tune for V6 available too

If you’re a buyer who thought that a four-cylinder Ford Bronco would have power enough but are now regretting your decision, then we’ve got some good news. Ford Performance has released a tune for the 2.3L Bronco that brings it up to V6 levels of power. And if you want to distance your V6 from those turned-up four-cylinders, then good news for you, too.

The Ford Performance Calibration tune (via CarBuzz) turns up the 2.3L Ford EcoBoost four from 300 to 330 hp. Torque gets a big boost as well, up from a stock 325 lb-ft all the way to 385.

Ford’s tune is legal in 49 states plus Canada. If you’ve got a 2021 model year, it works in California too, complete with an EO number from CARB. The tune requires 93-octane gasoline, but if it’s installed by a Ford dealer or ASE/Red Seal certified tech the Bronco maintains the three-year 36,000-mile factory warranty. At $825, it’s about half the price of the V6 and should maintain your fuel economy.

On top of the extra power, Ford Performance tweaks throttle response and the shift pattern. Stick-shift buyers get rev-matching as a nice bonus as well. And the computer program allows owners to fit up to 37-inch tall BFG tires. Or at least it lets the computer cope with them. Bodywork changes are on you.

Don’t worry, V6 owners, Ford Performance has something for you too. A 2.7L Performance Calibration takes the V6 from 330 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque all the way to 355 hp and 433 lb-ft. It offers all of the same warranty benefits and lets you select taller tires.

So if you think you’ve got that Ford Bronco tamed, maybe it’s time to loosen the reins with a Ford Performance tune.



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