Wednesday, May 25, 2022
News Ford Ranger Recalled Over Seatbelt Issue

Ford Ranger Recalled Over Seatbelt Issue

Ford is recalling the Ranger due to a possible problem with a seatbelt

  • 47, 683 trucks built between July 17th 2019 and August 4th 2021 are affected

  • The front passenger seatbelt could be improperly routed

  • Owners will receive notification in mid-November

Ford very recently recalled its Ford Ranger Supercab models due to a fault with the child seat anchor system and the company is now adding another recall for the same model over a problem with the front passenger seatbelt.

The NHTSA received a complaint about a seatbelt that wasn’t routed correctly on a 2020 Ford Ranger compact pickup.

The front passenger’s seatbelt webbing goes through a rubber sleeve instead of going through the metal anchor, which could lead to a lack of protection during a crash.

A thorough investigation by Ford found the cause of the problem to be the testing method employed by ZF Passive Safety US Inc., the company that supplies the belts to Ford, which doesn’t load the system enough to detect a misrouted seatbelt.

As part of this investigation, Ford uncovered a report on the same issue dating back to November of 2020 and a report for a driver’s side seatbelt for a 2019 model that was received in April of 2019.

Ford isn’t aware of any injuries resulting from this issue, nevertheless, it will be recalling 47,683 units of the Ranger that were manufactured between the 17th of July 2019 and the 4th of august 2021.

Owners will receive notifications by mail asking them to bring their truck to a dealership for an inspection or a replacement of the passenger seatbelt mechanism between November 15th and November 19th.

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