Friday, November 25, 2022
News Ford Recalls 3 Units of the Escape Hybrid to Replace the High...

Ford Recalls 3 Units of the Escape Hybrid to Replace the High Voltage Battery

Ford is recalling only three units of the Escape Hybrid

  • One vehicle is in the United States, the other two are in Canada

  • A sudden loss of power could occur, which increases the risk of a crash

  • Owners have been notified of the recall

Ford is launching a very small recall on the Ford Escape Hybrid, since only three vehicles are affected by this problem with the high voltage battery.

The High voltage battery is the one powering the electric motors that allows for driving in electric only mode.

A problem with this battery could cause a sudden loss of power, which could be dangerous, especially on the highway, by making the vehicle unexpectedly slow down and rendering it immobile, potentially in an unsafe space.

The three vehicles affected are 2021 model year Ford Escape Hybrids, which are all equipped with the same 2.5L engine and hybrid system. Of these three vehicles, only one was sold in the United States and the other two were sold in Canada.

Owners of the affected vehicles should already have been informed of the recall and their local Ford dealership will be able to rectify the problem by installing a new high voltage battery, at no cost to the owners.

No information has been provided has to how Ford became aware of the problem or why it only affects these three units, when all of the other Ford Escape Hybrid models were built in the same plant, with the same parts.

This shows how important recalls are for automakers and government agencies, since they don’t hesitate to launch a recall campaign for very small number of vehicles, even when it is just three.

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