Tuesday, May 24, 2022
News Ford Recalls Bronco Sport Over the Possibility of the Moonroof Flying Off

Ford Recalls Bronco Sport Over the Possibility of the Moonroof Flying Off

Ford adds a fifth recall for the Bronco Sport in under a year

  • This is the 5th recall on the Bronco Sport in 2021

  • The Mustang Mach-E also suffered from a similar problem

  • The Moonroof’s frame might not have bonded sufficiently to the body

Ford is having problems in its quality control department lately since the company just launched a fifth recall for the Bronco Sport in 2021, among many others for different models.

This recall is due to a manufacturing malpractice in which the primer coat might not have been given sufficient time to cure around the moonroof opening.

This may have caused the adhesive holding the frame of the moonroof to not have bonded properly with the body of the SUV, which creates a risk of the assembly detaching and flying off in strong wind.

The Mustang Mach-E was recalled earlier this year for a similar problem, but in the case of the Bronco Sport, less vehicles are affected.

Indeed, only about 233 Bronco Sport models built between April 27 and May 25 of this year could have this defect.

Ford says it isn’t aware of any injuries that have resulted from a moonroof detaching, but it has received four warranty claims for this problem.

Owners will be notified shortly via the mail and they will be able to have their vehicle fixed free of charge by their local dealer.

This is now the fifth recall to join the Bronco Sport’s track record, after inadequately lubricated rear-drive units were discovered in January, improper suspension bolts were found in February, incorrect lower control arms were signaled in March and leaky fuel delivery modules were identified in August.

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