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NewsFord Recalls the Bronco Sport and the Escape Over Slippery Rear Brakes

Ford Recalls the Bronco Sport and the Escape Over Slippery Rear Brakes

Ford is recalling two of its SUVs for faulty rear brakes

  • The rear brake linings could have friction coefficients outside of the specified tolerances

  • 114,996 vehicles are affected and this number could grow

  • Vehicles will be inspected but a fix has not yet been determined

Ford launched a recall campaign for the Bronco Sport and the Escape over a problem with the rear brakes that could increase stopping distances and therefore cause an accident.

This problem affects 114,996 vehicles (65,429 Bronco Sport models and 49,553 Escape models and 14 other unspecified SUVs form the 2022 model year) whose rear brake linings could have been manufactured incorrectly in a way that gives them a friction coefficient that is outside of normal tolerances, meaning they could be too slippery.

Since the brakes have less bite, the stopping distances could be increased in case of an emergency braking situation. Ford says it is not aware of any accidents caused by this problem.

2021 Ford Focus PHEV | Photo: Evan Williams

Drivers could experience a strange braking feel or inconsistent stops, with some being harsher than others due to these improper rear brakes.

Owners of the affected vehicles will begin to be notified by mail on January 10 and they will be able to bring their SUV to their local Ford dealer for a free inspection of the braking system.

If faulty parts are discovered, owners will have to wait until their vehicle is repaired, since the automaker currently doesn’t have a solution to this issue.

This recall may be expanded in the future since Ford is still looking into its cause to understand what happened to let the incorrect parts reach finished vehicles, so the total number of affected units is likely to change.


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