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NewsFord says its Upcoming Three-Row Electric SUV will be a “Personal Bullet...

Ford says its Upcoming Three-Row Electric SUV will be a “Personal Bullet Train”

Ford says its upcoming seven-seater electric SUV will be fast and efficient.

  • This model should arrive in 2025 with about 350 miles (563 kilometres) of range.

  • Ford says improvements in efficiency will make this possible with a 100-kWh battery.

  • The new SUV will not share components with the current Expedition.

Ford is working on a new three-row electric SUV and additional details have surfaced since this model was first hinted at.

According to Jim Farley, CEO of the automaker, the upcoming seven-seater will be like a “personal bullet train”.

This is likely a comment about the vehicle’s speed and power levels, but it could also reference its aerodynamics and efficiency, which have apparently been primary concerns for the development team.

Indeed, this model is expected to launch in 2025 with a range of 350 miles (563 kilometres) despite only using a 100-kWh battery.

This is because while most competitors are trying to stuff larger and larger batteries into their EVs, Ford believes the secret to succeeding in the EV space is efficiency.

Currently, reaching a similar range in a large three-row SUV such as the upcoming Ford product could require up to 300 kWh of battery capacity, which would make for a very heavy and costly vehicle, in addition to increasing its carbon footprint.

By improving battery technology and focusing on aerodynamics, Ford thinks it can get away with a battery that is a third smaller without sacrificing range.

As a matter of fact, the company even claims this model will be able to cruise at 70 mph (113 km/h) on the highway for up to 300 miles (483 kilometres), which is a testament to its low rolling resistance.

To make road trips more convenient, Ford also says charging will add up to 150 miles (240 kilometres) of range in 10 minutes when using compatible fast chargers.

Instead of using the current Expedition as the basis for this new seven-seater electric SUV, Ford chose to build it on the same platform as the upcoming T3 truck.

In addition to the other EVs in the company’s lineup, this new model should help Ford reach its goal of selling 2 million electric vehicles by the end of 2026.

Source: Carscoops


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