Thursday, September 29, 2022
News Ford Sends Bronco Owners Pictures of Their Truck on the Assembly Line

Ford Sends Bronco Owners Pictures of Their Truck on the Assembly Line

Ford is trying new things to thank patient customers

  • Ford began to send pictures to owners earlier this week

  • The pictures show each individual truck ready to roll of the line

  • Owners receive the picture after they have taken possession of their vehicle

The new Ford Bronco is generating a lot of interest and demand has been very strong since before its introduction.

Combined with the current shortage of electronic components that affects every manufacturer, the waiting times for Bronco buyers are very long, with some people expected to have to wait at least a year before they can drive their new truck home.

Such long wait times are causing buyers to lose patience and many of them decide to cancel their order to buy something different.

Ford has tried many different strategies over the last year to encourage people to reserve vehicles instead of buying them from the dealer inventory at first, before doing a 180 and offering incentives to buy in stock rather than clog up the waiting lists even more.

In order to thank the buyers who decided to stick with the Bronco, Ford has begun to make a small gesture earlier this week: the automaker sends owners a picture of their own Bronco when it left the Michigan assembly line.

While it is only a minor action, most owners are very happy with this because the purchase of a new vehicle is often emotional, especially for the Bronco, which counts more on passion than rationality in order to sell.
Having the very first picture ever taken of their new vehicle is important to some people, and it is also interesting because it allows a glimpse into the factory, something few people would normally get to see

In addition, the Bronco, especially the First Edition models, might become collectible in the future and having such a picture could add to the value in the eyes of collectors.

Pictures have currently been sent to owners who have already been enjoying their vehicle, but other owners with confirmed orders should receive similar ones in the next weeks.

Source: Spooky BBS ( Via Motor1

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