Thursday, June 24, 2021
News Ford Shows Off Bronco's Dozens of Removable Parts

Ford Shows Off Bronco’s Dozens of Removable Parts

Fenders, doors? Who needs them?

  • Doors, windows, flares, even the fenders are designed to come off easily

  • Modular design lets you easily customise and upgrade your Bronco

Ford is going all-out to make the Bronco a serious player in the off-road and customisation segments, and that goes right down to the bare body. Now, the automaker is talking about how a modular design has made it easier for buyers to replace parts themselves, including bumpers, grilles, and even the roof, turning it from mall crawler to desert racer in a weekend and then making it a rock crawler for the following one.

It starts with the easy bits, including available modular roof panels that are designed to be removed by one person with latches instead of tools. Even the rear glass can be modular, popping out with one latch per pane.

Want the fender flares to come off so you don’t worry about them fetching up on trail obstacles? A quarter-turn fastener means removing each one takes just a few minutes. Even the fenders can be removed by just popping a few bolts, giving you room to fit outrageous tires, or to keep your paint safe from scratches. To easily show you which parts can be removed from the body and interior, Ford has stamped them with a Bronco logo.

The Ford Bronco gives you a place to store the doors in the back, and each one can be removed with two fasteners and an electrical connector. Ford says it’ll take two to four minutes depending on skill, which is about what it takes in a Wrangler. The difference is that the mirrors stay attached to the Bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco | Photo: Ford

If you’re looking to add accessories to your Bronco, there are threaded inserts at mounting points for parts like LED lights and roof racks. Even the available modular bumpers have threaded mounts for winches and more lights.

Ford says this modular design can help freshen the truck down the road, too. When it’s time for a mid-cycle refresh, Ford said it won’t have to change the base structure, so you can fit the new parts to your old horse. Even more extraordinary, Ford says that with all of the body panels off, that means fenders, doors, roof, and rear quarters, the Bronco still meets vehicle safety standards, letting you drive it pared down like a UTV. Though it does say that the parts should be removed “for off-road use only.” Expect to see one stripped down like that at your local car show not long after deliveries start.

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