Monday, January 17, 2022
News Ford Threatening Dealers That are Charging Markups for the Lightning

Ford Threatening Dealers That are Charging Markups for the Lightning

Ford’s warning will hopefully dissuade its dealers’ despicable behaviour

  • The threat is losing allocations for the Lightning.

  • Under the Sales and Service Agreement between Ford and dealerships, the behaviour is not allowable.

  • Some dealers are charging up to $30,000 to their customers for an allocation.

The soon-to-arrive Ford Lightning has created quite a buzz over the last year. In very little time, 200,000+ reservations for the all-electric F-150 were received by Ford. And for at least the third time, Ford dealerships, emboldened by the demand, have decided to charge excessive premiums for no apparent reason other than greed.

Ford F-150 Lightning Reservation Holders Facing a $30,000 Dealer Markup

Market adjustments are not an entirely new phenomenon. Ultra-rare or highly desirable low-volume vehicles have been known to command various premiums but of late, some dealerships are being extremely abusive. Ford stores have decidedly come out on top as some of the worst offenders over the last year with the Bronco and Mustang Mach E. In both cases, reports of dealerships requesting tens of thousands of dollars over asking have surfaced multiple times.

The good news here, as shared by a Redditor, is that Ford’s finally putting its big-boy pants on and threatening dealerships with an allocation loss if they continue to behave like, let’s be clear, absolute crooks.

Finally, in this same notice sent to all dealerships, Ford ends off by asking the stores to add a “No-Sale Provision” to contracts for Lightning customers. In other words, Ford doesn’t want Lightning owners to turn around and resale their truck for at least a year after taking delivery.

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