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NewsFord Too Pumps the Brakes on EVs for Hybrids

Ford Too Pumps the Brakes on EVs for Hybrids

Plans for an all-electric three-row SUV from Ford put on ice for the moment

This is a captivating turn of events if mostly because one giant automaker had accurately predicted and prepared for this exact scenario. In recent months, GM announced that they were going to shift their focus away from EVs in exchange for hybrid powertrains. And now, Ford’s joined their ranks.

Toyota has been heavily criticized in the past few years for being late to the EV game. As the leader, in all respects, when it comes to hybrid powertrains, many thought that they’d be at the forefront of battery electric vehicle development and sales. As we know, Toyota has two EVs and neither are very good. But the Japanese car company offers the most hybrids and sales are through the roof.

GM to Expand Electrified Portfolio with PHEV Options in North America

This time, Ford has announced that they will be pumping the brakes on EV development but not come to a full stop.

“As the No. 2 EV brand in the U.S. for the past two years, we are committed to scaling a profitable EV business, using capital wisely and bringing to market the right gas, hybrid and fully electric vehicles at the right time,” said Jim Farley, Ford president and CEO, as reported by NBC. “Our breakthrough, next-generation EVs will be new from the ground up and fully software enabled, with ever improving digital experiences and a multitude of potential services.”

Many automakers are still banking on EVs, Jaguar and Volvo for example, the current winning mix currently belongs to Toyota. At the moment, the Hyundai Motor Group offers the most elaborate mix of EVs, PHEVs, hybrids, and ICEs, and are doing well. Meanwhile, Volkswagen lags behind with no hybrids and only one EV on sale to date.

These are fascinating times indeed for the automotive industry.


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