Sunday, December 10, 2023
News Ford Tops Consumer Reports Self-Driving Tests Once Again: Watch How it Performs...

Ford Tops Consumer Reports Self-Driving Tests Once Again: Watch How it Performs Against Three Top Systems

Top advanced assists tested

  • Making sure you’re paying attention is a key feature of ADAS systems

  • Only three modern systems let you go hands off

Ford‘s BlueCruise hands-off driver assistance system has kept its Consumer Reports top ranking. So how does it stack up against the other big driver assistance systems? A new video from Edmunds lets you see for yourself.

CR said that “systems like BlueCruise are an important advancement that can help make driving easier and less stressful.” They let the driver let go of the steering wheel in some driving situations and are especially handy in slow traffic. But they aren’t self-driving.

The test included systems from Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Tesla, Lucid, Rivian, Hyundai Group, Subaru, Honda, JLR, and Volvo. Some of those automakers, like Nissan, have two different current systems and both were tested.

Ford beat second-place GM Super Cruise by nine points. It had high scores for capability, but it also scored well in keeping the driver engaged and letting you know clearly when it can be used.

To see it at work, Edmunds tested Ford, GM, BMW, and Tesla vehicles on the road. The first three are the only hands-off systems, Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD require the driver to keep their hands on the wheel.

You can watch each of the three systems at work on LA-area freeways, some of the busiest in the world. Each one is ranked, but Edmunds picks a different winner, for reasons that we’re not sure we agree with.

This is our obligatory reminder that the only self-driving vehicles on the road today are public transit. No car lets you sit behind the wheel and let the car do all the work. You need to be ready to steer or stop with just a moment’s notice.


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