Saturday, December 10, 2022
News Ford Trademarked the Names Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning

Ford Trademarked the Names Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning

Ford trademarked two names that hint at future electric versions of its smaller trucks.

  • This hints that Ford could add an electric version of both its smaller trucks

  • The names were registered in Europe

  • Ford had previously announced it wants to be the leader in the electric truck market

Leaked documents from the European Union Intellectual Property Office show that Ford recently trademarked the names Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning.

Since the automaker currently sells the F-150 Lightning, which is a fully-electric version of its full-size pickup, this shows that electric versions of its two smaller trucks are also in the works.

This is not a big surprise, since Ford has already claimed it wants to be the leader in electric trucks, which is only possible with many models of different sizes.

No details are known about these models as of now, but if they follow the same formula as the F-150 Lightning, the electric Ranger and Maverick could share a very similar design to their gasoline-powered counterparts, despite very different underpinnings.

The Ranger, which has just been redesigned is expected to be the first of the two to receive its electric variant since it doesn’t currently have any form of electrification, unlike the Maverick, which can be had with a traditional hybrid powertrain.

The company didn’t say when these trucks could arrive, but during the launch of the F-150 Lightning, it revealed that another electric pickup was already undergoing testing, which suggests its development could be well underway.

This means that the two EVs could arrive fairly soon since they will most likely use similar mechanical elements to the F-150 Lightning or the Mustang Mach-E, which will allow Ford to save money and engineering time.

Judging by the success of the current Maverick and the sustained popularity of electric pickups, the automaker should have no trouble finding buyers for these models, especially since the other electric trucks on the market are competing in the full-size segment, which will leave the lower market segments to the Maverick and the Ranger EVs.

Source: Carbuzz

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