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News Ford Unveils a Plug-in Ranger for Europe and Australia

Ford Unveils a Plug-in Ranger for Europe and Australia

Ford has added a plug-in hybrid version of the Ranger in Europe and Australia, but hasn't confirmed it for North America.

  • This model promises 45 kilometres of electric range and more torque than any other Ranger before.

  • Payload and towing figures are said to be the same as with current Ranger models.

  • Ford has yet to confirm if this model will make it to North America.

Ford has unveiled a new plug-in hybrid version of the Ranger mid-size pickup that will be launched in Europe and Australia in late 2024.

The Ranger has long been a key product for Ford in these markets, which explains why development work for the upcoming hybrid version has been mostly carried out by Ford of Australia.

The hybrid system in the Ranger PHEV will be composed of a turbocharged 2.3L four-cylinder engine and an electric motor that takes current from a battery of a yet unspecified size.

According to Ford, this model will be able to drive up to 45 kilometres WLTP on electric power alone, which should be enough for most Ranger drivers in Australia to complete their daily commutes without using fuel.

European 2025 Ford Ranger PHEV | Photo: Ford

Various drive modes will be available to manage the powertrain, including an automatic mode that switches between electric and gasoline power as needed, one that locks the truck in electric propulsion mode, and another that forces the gasoline engine to charge the battery.

While specific output details have yet to be announced, Ford says that the Ranger PHEV will offer more torque than any other Ranger model on the market.

Considering that the 3.0L turbo-diesel V6 engine offered in Australia delivers 442 lb-ft of torque, we can expect at least more than that figure from the plug-in Ranger.

This high torque output will contribute to the towing capability of this model, which will be the same as other Ranger versions, at 7,500 pounds.

European 2025 Ford Ranger PHEV | Photo: Ford

Payload is also expected to be the same as combustion-powered models, which is surprising considering the added weight of the battery.

In order to retain the same structural rigidity as in other Ranger models, Ford has added bracing to the rear portion of the hybrid’s frame.

As with the automaker’s other electrified trucks such as the F-150 Lightning, the Ranger PHEV will offer Pro-Power Onboard, a technology that makes it possible to use the energy stored in the high-voltage battery to power electric tools and implements.

European 2025 Ford Ranger PHEV | Photo: Ford

Ford has yet to confirm whether this model will make it to the North American market, but if it does, it could manage to beat Jeep to the punch with an electrified mid-size truck.

Indeed, while Jeep has confirmed a plug-in version of its Gladiator pickup truck using the 4xe drivetrain from the hybrid Wrangler is coming, it won’t arrive on sale before the 2025 model year.

As Ford intends to launch production of the Ranger PHEV in late 2024, it could get a few months of market exclusivity in this category.

European 2025 Ford Ranger PHEV | Photo: Ford

European 2025 Ford Ranger PHEV | Photo: Ford

Source: Ford via CarExpert

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