Wednesday, January 19, 2022
News Ford Will Employ “Charge Angels“ to test public charging stations across the...

Ford Will Employ “Charge Angels“ to test public charging stations across the US

Ford will deploy angels to make sure the US public charging network is working properly

  • Ford doesn’t have a proprietary charging network

  • Owners of EVs often complain about slow or defective charging stations

  • Employees called “charge angels” will drive across the US to test chargers

Ford has recently entered into the electric vehicle market with the Mustang Mach E and the F-150 Lightning, but the company doesn’t have a proprietary charging network.

Like most automakers, Ford has to rely on outside companies to provide and maintain electric vehicle charging stations that can be used by owners of its vehicles.

Since multiple companies are involved, the quality of the maintenance can vary, thus leading to many chargers breaking down and refusing to provide power, or doing it very slowly.

Owners of EVs complain about these situations, but often, not much happens. It can be very frustrating for a driver to finally reach a charging station, only to discover it isn’t working.

Most EV owners face frequent issues with the public charging network, which can range from difficulties to connect their phone with the charger in order to pay, connectivity problems between the charger and the network, or problems with the power delivery, which can be lower than usual of completely off.

To alleviate these frustrations and improve the experience of EV Ford drivers, the company will have workers drive around the United States aboard specially equipped Mustang Mach-E models to test charging stations when complaints are published on social media or when a Ford that is plugged in reports a problem.

These employees are called “charge angels” because they will report problems to the companies that manage the specific chargers that don’t work, but they will also try to understand what has caused them to fail in order to make future stations more reliable.

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