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NewsFord will Help Businesses go Electric with a New Charging Infrastructure Project

Ford will Help Businesses go Electric with a New Charging Infrastructure Project

Ford wants to promote electric commercial vehicles by providing businesses with charging solutions

  • Ford will offer charging solutions made specifically for businesses

  • The customers will have access to a range of telematics software

  • The automaker will receive a recurring subscription fee from customers

With the arrival of commercial electric vehicles, such as the fleet variant of the F-150 Lightning and the E-Transit, Ford wants to make it easier for businesses to switch to electric power for their work vehicles.

Since charging is one of the factors that limit EV adoption the most in commercial applications, Ford decided to tackle this issue with a new program called Ford Pro Charging.

This program will see Ford help customers install charging stations where they need them, either at a depot or at employee’s homes.

Customers will also benefit from the automaker’s telematics software that will help managers keep track of all of their vehicle’s location, health status and charge level remotely, for a monthly fee that will be determined according to the number of Ford electric vehicles present in the company’s fleet.

Ford will offer a choice of AC or DC fast charging stations to better suit the needs of every customer, as well as tailored charging plans for every business. For example, some fleet vehicles might not need a full charge to accomplish their duty, while others require to be full in order to be as productive as possible. This plan could allow priority charging of vehicles that need to be full while others wait in order to maximise the available charging time.

Since many employees bring their work vehicle home at night and get reimbursed for fuel by their managers, Ford will install home chargers at employee’s residences with a way to bill the electricity used back to their employer.

Ford’s goal is to sell 300,000 electric commercial vehicles to businesses and government agencies by the end of the decade.


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