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NewsFord Will Offer Digital License Plate Through Dealers in Select States

Ford Will Offer Digital License Plate Through Dealers in Select States

Is the future a cloud-connected plate?

  • Ford will offer Reviver digital plate

  • Claims this is first automaker with a digital plate offering

There’s a company in California that makes digital license plates. With eInk screens, the plates can change up their display when you get a new plate, or warn you that the car is stolen. If you’re wondering why you’d want that, some automakers think it’s an interesting idea. Ford has just become the first automaker that will sell the Reviver RPlate.

Ford is going to offer the Reviver RPlate digital license plate through more than 300 dealers in Arizona, California, and Michigan. Those are the three states where the plate tech is currently legal. As an Offical Ford Accessory Partner, Reviver will get a Ford part number for the plates.

The digital license plate company got approval to sell its plates in California back in 2016. Reviver aims at fleets, promising “tamper-proof” plates that should also make registration more simple. The plates can also show brand messages on the bottom row.

For consumers, the benefits include light and dark modes, custom text and font, and the ability to renew your registration through an app. The plate also includes stolen vehicle alerts both to you through an app and visually, directly on the plate.

Reviver says the partnership makes Ford the first automaker in the world to offer a digital license plate.



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