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News Ford's CEO Drives F-150 Lightning and Addresses Charging Hurdles

Ford’s CEO Drives F-150 Lightning and Addresses Charging Hurdles

Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, embarked on an electric F-150 Lightning road trip, highlighting challenges in charging and the drive for enhancements.


  • Jim Farley, Ford’s CEO, journeys in an F-150 Lightning, sharing charging challenges and EV experience.

  • Charging infrastructure obstacles underscored, emphasizing fast charging importance for enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Ford’s collaboration with Tesla to access Supercharger network in 2024 aims to ease EV charging concerns.


Ford’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Farley, recently undertook a road trip in an electric F-150 Lightning, unearthing insightful challenges in the realm of electric vehicle (EV) charging and underscoring the pressing need for enhancements in the customer experience. Documenting his journey through Route 66 and the landscapes of the American West, Farley offered glimpses into his experiences on the social platforms of LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter).

Farley, in a candid sharing, delved into the complexities tied to charging a substantial electric pickup truck. The CEO acknowledged the intricacies that consumers often grapple with and, significantly, emphasized the vital role of rapid charging, shedding light on the necessity to confront the limitations present within the charging infrastructure.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Photo: Ford

A video shared on the X platform saw Farley recount his visit to a well-frequented charging station nestled along Interstate 5 in Coalinga, California. Despite the presence of a multitude of Tesla Superchargers at this location, Farley’s experience dictated the employment of a non-Tesla lower-speed charger. This choice yielded a modest 40% charge in the span of roughly 40 minutes.

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Farley’s firsthand engagement paints a vivid picture of a key obstacle that impedes the more widespread adoption of electric vehicles, particularly for those not aligned with Tesla ownership. The incompatibility of Ford EVs with Supercharger stations stands out as a noteworthy factor, one that could have materially expedited the charging process for Farley’s electric truck. However, a collaboration between Ford and Tesla is in the works, aiming to offer Ford drivers access to the Supercharger network, set to be initiated in the upcoming spring season. This collaborative initiative has resonated with other industry players, prompting entities like GM and Rivian to tread the same path.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Photo: Ford

Ford’s response to this evolving landscape is noticeable. Witnessing a build-up of electric Mustang Mach-Es at dealerships during the summer prompted the automaker to recalibrate its ambitious EV production goals for the year. Additionally, a shift away from the earlier vision of manufacturing 2 million EVs by the conclusion of 2026 signals a deepening understanding of the evolving market dynamics, underlining the adaptability and strategic alignment of their plans with industry shifts.

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