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NewsFord’s Next-Generation T3 Electric Truck will Arrive in 2025

Ford’s Next-Generation T3 Electric Truck will Arrive in 2025

Ford says its next electric pickup will enter production in 2025.

  • The automaker says this model will “revolutionize America’s truck”.

  • The T3 is likely to be a midsize model slotting under the F-150 Lightning.

  • This model will be built at the new Blue Oval City plant in Tennessee.

Ford says its upcoming T3 electric pickup will enter production as soon as 2025 in the new Blue Oval City manufacturing facility which is being built in Tennessee.

This new project is described by Ford as a second-generation product, meaning that the company will use the experience it gained with the F-150 Lightning for the development of the new model.

The automaker makes it sound like the T3 could replace the F-150 Lightning by saying that it will be a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to revolutionize America’s truck”.

This is surprising since the current electric F-150 will have been on the market for only about three years when the new model launches, which seems very early for the replacement of such an important model.

More likely is that this model will be a smaller EV that could enter the mid-size truck segment, possibly under the Ranger Lightning name.

An introduction in 2025 for such a truck could make Ford one of the first automakers to have an electric mid-size pickup.

Indeed, while the Rivian R1T is smaller than most full-size pickups, its high price makes it a better competitor for the larger models.

Very few details are known about the T3 project for the moment, but Ford confirmed that its ProPower onboard system that can power electric tools and such will be offered, along with the capability to perform over-the-air updates.

The truck’s towing range might be improved over the current F-150 Lightning’s performance since the automaker says drivers should be confident that the truck will be capable enough for any task. This is even where the T3 name comes from (Trust The Truck).

By developing the truck alongside the construction of the factory where it will be manufactured, Ford says it was able to make the assembly process for the T3 more efficient, which could result in a 30% smaller production line and a higher-than-average production capacity that should reach 500,000 trucks per year.

More details about this project should be revealed soon considering the intended start of production is only two years away.

Source: The Drive


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