Friday, January 27, 2023
News Ford's Pet Mode Patent Eclipses Tesla's Dog Mode

Ford’s Pet Mode Patent Eclipses Tesla’s Dog Mode

Ford's latest patent goes to the dogs

  • Interface would allow climate and window control

  • Even play a tune for Fido in the back seat

Ford‘s plans for EV supremacy have moved beyond just making electric vehicles. Now a new patent filing shows that Ford is going directly after Tesla’s pet-friendly Dog Mode with a new Pet Mode that will offer far more than just some climate control settings.

The filings (patent 11247693), found by readers on LightningOwners forum, show a patent that was filed in October 2018 and published this month. The claim in the patent si for “a method for creating a pet-friendly environment in an automotive vehicle.”

What can it do? It will let you set the climate control to keep cabin temperatures regulated using a button on the key fob. The system goes beyond the AC, though, and will let the vehicle lower the windows, open the sunroof, even open the trunk or tailgate to allow airflow.

What else keeps Rover comfortable? The patent drawings show controls to tilt the middle or rear-row of seats, and even play audio or video content through the infotainment system to keep doggo entertained.

For safety, Pet Mode turns on the child locks and locks the windows, preventing your dog from escaping. Settings for temperature and how far the glass can open will be part of Ford’s app and adjustable in the infotainment system.

On top of your control of the system, Ford’s engineers have thought of using RFID tags attached to your pet’s collar to control it. There are even provisions for a water fountain to make sure your pet can stay hydrated.


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