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NewsFoxconn and Nvidia Partner to Propel the Future of Intelligent Electric Vehicles 

Foxconn and Nvidia Partner to Propel the Future of Intelligent Electric Vehicles 

Unveiling High-Performance AI Technologies at Hon Hai Tech Day to Shape Tomorrow's Automotive Landscape

  • Foxconn and Nvidia announce a partnership at Hon Hai Tech Day, focusing on integrating Nvidia’s advanced DRIVE solutions into electric vehicles.

  • The collaboration will feature Nvidia’s DRIVE Orin and upcoming DRIVE Thor, offering 2,000 teraflops of computing power for safer, smarter driving.

  • DRIVE Hyperion 9 platform aims to fast-track development and reduce costs, aligning with the industry’s shift toward energy-efficient, high-performance computing in vehicles.

Foxconn and Nvidia have joined forces to revolutionize the landscape of intelligent electric vehicles (EVs). Unveiled at the fourth annual Hon Hai Tech Day in Taiwan, the collaboration aims to deploy Nvidia’s cutting-edge DRIVE solutions into Foxconn’s manufacturing expertise. This partnership is poised to not only advance automotive AI technologies but also offer generational leaps in efficiency and safety.

The Core Technologies: DRIVE Orin and DRIVE Thor

The partnership’s technology stack leans heavily on Nvidia’s DRIVE solutions. The widely-used DRIVE Orin platform, already integrated by more than 25 global automakers, will soon be joined by its successor, DRIVE Thor. Foxconn, a tier-one manufacturer of DRIVE Orin-powered electronic control units (ECUs), will also feature DRIVE Thor once it becomes available. DRIVE Thor is expected to deliver a staggering 2,000 teraflops of high-performance computing, aimed at enabling functionally safe and secure intelligent driving.

The other key player in this alliance is DRIVE Hyperion 9, an upcoming platform which will include the aforementioned DRIVE Thor as well as a state-of-the-art sensor architecture. Designed for level 3 urban and level 4 highway driving scenarios, Hyperion 9 will incorporate a diverse and redundant sensor array capable of processing a significant amount of safety-critical data. This sensor architecture can potentially revolutionize the industry’s approach to vehicle navigation and safety.

Benefits and Prospects

This collaboration offers immediate and long-term benefits. For Foxconn, DRIVE Hyperion will accelerate development times and cut manufacturing costs. On a broader scale, the partnership serves to align with the growing demand for high-performance, energy-efficient computing solutions in software-defined vehicles. With centralized electronic architecture, vehicles of the future can benefit immensely from energy-efficient computing solutions like DRIVE Thor.

The joint endeavour was one of the highlights of the Hon Hai Tech Day, an event that traditionally serves as a launch pad for Foxconn to display its latest advancements in contract design, manufacturing, and innovative technologies. As Foxconn and Nvidia come together, the union holds the promise of propelling the automotive world into a new era of intelligent, safe, and efficient electric vehicles.


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