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NewsFrom the North Pole to the South Pole with the Nissan Ariya

From the North Pole to the South Pole with the Nissan Ariya

Nissan wants to prove it is possible to undertake impressive adventures in an EV by driving its Ariya electric SUV from one pole to the other.

One of the public’s fears about electric vehicles is the anxiety related to the possible range between recharges. However, the network of charging stations is growing rapidly and the electric shift in the automotive industry has become inevitable.

To demonstrate that it is possible to go a long way in an electric vehicle, Nissan is teaming up with British adventurer Chris Ramsey, the main person involved, who will drive from the North Magnetic Pole to the South Pole in a Nissan Ariya, the purely electric SUV that is expected to hit our roads before the end of the year.

The very ambitious journey has not yet begun, the expedition that will start in March 2023 using a Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE, and this over a rather impressive distance of 27,000 km across a multitude of regions and continents with temperatures ranging from -30⁰C to 30⁰C. Starting in the Arctic, the journey will take the crew through North, Central and South America, before crossing Antarctica to end at the South Pole.

The vehicle of the explorer and founder of Pole to Pole will however be modified somewhat to withstand the more demanding driving conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic, the crossover will receive specific wheels and tires as well as an improved suspension. For the U.S. portion, a second, unmodified Nissan Ariya will serve as a support vehicle.

This is not Chris Ramsey’s first trip in an electric vehicle. Notably, in 2017, he and his wife, Julie, became the first team to complete the Mongol Rally in an all-electric vehicle. The couple traveled more than 16,000 kilometers through multiple locations in 56 days in their own Nissan LEAF.

We will certainly know more about this great electron-rich expedition in the coming months.

Nissan Ariya Pole to Pole | Photo: Nissan


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